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Basic Safety Shoes

Steel toe safety shoes-903

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Because of different materials, the price is also different. As a large wholesale manufacturer, we guarantee you the most favorable price and the best quality products, and the freight is also very favorable! For more information, please contact our online customer service. You will get the best service!

The products of our factory have undergone many quality control tests to meet the quality requirements of customers for safety shoes.

The factory has very advanced safety shoe making machines in the industry, and OEM safety shoes for many brands and German and American customers.

We have a complete set of scientific testing equipment. Before leaving the factory, we will carry out high-temperature test and bending test on the shoes, impact test on the toe cap and anti puncture function test on the steel plate of safety shoes.

Puncture Resistant Sole: protect your feet from being punctured by sharp objects like nails or steel bar to bring you a safer but more soft fit.

Standard Steel Toe Cap: While the rubber-protected edge of steel toe cap can keep the upper from damage for extra durability.

Anti-Skid Rubber Sole: Built with rubber outsole, the work shoes share deep groove to provide great traction even on slippery surface. And they are flexible and soft that can be bent arbitrarily for all day comfort.

Usage: Coming with a casual sneakers appearance, this series of safety footwear is great for those working on electric power industry, forging, auto manufacturing, construction and machine manufacturing


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